Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What kind of presenter am I? A14

Having presented in an impromptu speech, how did you evaluate yourself as a presenter? How have your friends and group members evaluated you? How do you feel about the evaluation? Are they justified? Post about your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter based on the feedback you got


Anonymous said...

asalamualaikum,...huhuhuhu!madam,dont too sad about ur daughter,it will be ok...what had happen have their own reason...hehehe!!(yer ker..=>)
hmm.... what else,...about the activity,it quite good way to us to inprove our eng.thus,it was a creative way for us to speak well...i think till here,maybe i leave my comment here.... (ur lovely student Nur Raimi=).Seksyen14)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a good presenter because i cannot perform well in front audience.

I'm feel very nervous and i lost my point. I am not have enough grammar so it makes i cannot speak clearly what i want to say to my audience.

I'm also cannot spek fluently in english because i feel so shy if what i say is wrong.


Anonymous said...

asalamualaikum,...huhuhuhu!madam,dont too sad about ur daughter,it will be ok...what had happen have their own reason...hehehe!!(yer ker..=>)
hmm.... what else,...about the activity,it quite good way to us to inprove our eng.thus,it was a creative way for us to speak well...i think till here,maybe i leave my comment here.... (ur lovely student Nur Raimi=).Seksyen14)

Anonymous said...

i write down this comment during my technical english..

today Madam Raha let us to play an activity.
even it look so simple but it help my friends and me a lot..

we can built up our confident to speak..
we also can know our strength and weaknesss..
insyallah i'm try to upgade myself to speak in front of people...
wan atikah ('',)

CHE AM said...

first of all, not all people love to talk a lot or make even some short speech, but for me what can i evaluate is that im a talkative guy.

i love to talk alot untill my friends ask me when when can i stop bubling, its easy to speak in bahasa but in english it was a little bit tough to do that.

i always come with new or many ideas but the problem is i can elobrate the ideas very well and quite nervous when i need to stand infrots other people to give a speech.

S: 14

Anonymous said...

Salam…..i think this is the best way also to improve students language..i lijke to choose this way to give a comment because before this I should tell anything in front of my teacher only..then, about the speaking, I think I did not nervous anymore..i really like about all activities that I have done….i feel interest with this technical English class..from today activity I feel happy because I know about my weaknesses………I think that’s all for today commen..
nurlina auni

yeop said...

having a speech???
of course i also like to talk but with someone i didnt know..its hard..
it will take some time...
i got my feedback from my friend about the way i present my speech...
i lack of points...
but can eloberate it much longer speech...
that is my strength..
this kind of project will build up my self esteem...
i think the evaluation is good cause i can take whatever they said about me...
as long it not really bad...

sharizan ramli

pie said...

i very like speech...
but in my speech i didn't have
more point....


Anonymous said...

Salam.I just want to give some feedback about the activity on today.I think this activity help me more to be confident to speak in English.It is also can help me know about my strength and weakness in speaking in the English language and I have a lot of fun in this activity and can get share the story with my friends.Thats all from me,thank you.
Nurul Asyikin Zulkepli.

Anonymous said...

Today the section 14 have had a activity still about the speaking. I think this is a good activity to make me have confident when to talk with the audience,but this is a quite boring when do the same activity at last week and same group. That is better we sharing about our opinion with all of the classmate. It is maybe interesting activity. However when we in the group, maybe the job become easier.that all my comment for today. thank you.
Nurul Hidayah Kadzim.

Anonymous said...

Public Speaking??

Well, I found it interesting..

But, I feel nervous,

When it’s time for me to talk..

The activity can build up my confidents,

Especially the people who listen to my

speech are my friends.. ^^

by: Suhana Sufian

AA08155 (A14)

mus said...

first, i want to thanked to all mates and teacher who has helped me a lot. now i feel quite confident than group members have evaluated me so much. but... i still have a problem about my vocabulary. the poor of vacobulary makes me lost a lot of words..

-muhammad muslim-

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum to madam Raha...This lesson today is quit good...It teach me how to speak in front of people..I can mould my confident when speaking and also can improve my vocabulary...I enjoy with my lesson today...Thats all from me,thank you...MOHD ZARUL NIZAM BIN ZULKAFLI....

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. Today. i have speak more about english... I present to my group about my topic, and than they give some comments to me. They had comment about my strenght and my weakness during my presentation. And when second round, i must improve myself according to my group comments... That's all for today.. Thank you... Meet you at my second blog.. (Azwan Bukhari bin Asmil)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum.. from the lesson that I get in the class today, I have know my level on presenting from my friends feedback. They have told me my strengths and my weakness. From that, I will try my best to improve my weakness to be an excellent presenter in future.
Anyway, I enjoy during the class today. As a human, of course we will proud with our self when other people told about our strength. And we also will feel sad or down when other people say about our weakness. So do I. It is normal in our daily life. Howe ever, I will aspect all of that as a positive comment to improve myself. I think that’s all for today. Thank you…..

Anonymous said...

Our activity today is quite bored because my group got a bored game than the previous class last week.I found myself quite nervous today because I haven’t speak in front of people for a long time.My friends said that I have no much point and don’t know how to elaborate my points.Even one of my friend say that I am out of the topic.It is so embarrassing but I have to accept that because I know he tried to be honest and with his opinion,I can change myself to be more alert when reading the topic especially about the title.Some weaknesses that I got from them are to many `aa’ between sentences,not fluent,not much point,and try to memories the points.On the other hand,they said that I have the confidence and loud voice.-INSYIRAH BT. MOHD YUNUS-A14.

Anonymous said...

For your information,I’m enjoy your class,because a lot of interesting activities like speaking game.Before this, I did not have confident to talk in English and in front of other people. So with this activity,I can build my confident.I also know what my strengths and my weaknesses. I know I have weaknesses like do not know how to speak proper English,cannot elobarate my point and do not have lot of vocabulary.So,this activity help me to build my confident and overcome my weaknesses.

Halimatul syahida binti mohamad sanusi.
seksyen 14.

Anonymous said...

dear madam,

I've enjoyed the activity just now. It actually can build up our confident when talking infront of my friend. As i know,i'm not a good presenter eventhough i've try my best to speak using a correct word. I found out that i still lack of point and it's hard for me to elaborated the points. Just now,my friends had comment me where i will know where is my strength and my weaknesess when speak up. these are the comments i got.

3.good introduction
4.sound clear

1.lack of idea
2.think the point to talk
3.use some malay words
4.not fluent
5.not much elabration


Anonymous said...

dear madam...

it such an enjoyed class i ever attand.there have such a lot of entertainment and fun that suitabale with my life and i found a lot of weaknesses in my speaking.

just now i know i hav alot of supporter from my behind aspecially my beloved teacher..=)

nowadays,i should improve my english skills for my future..

-syazwan arsyad-

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,

I enjoyed your class.i like the speaking game because i can build my confident to talk in english during this game. with this game i can know what my strengths and also my weaknesses. So, I can use my strength to make me be more confident to talk in english in front of other people. I can also overcome my weaknesses when i know my weaknesses. thanks madam...

Norsyahidatul Nazirah Ismail
Sec. 14

Anonymous said...

i'm very nervous when i talk in front the audience. and sometimes i'm speechless. that's why my marks speaking for MUET is low. but, with this class i think it can improve my language to speak very well.hehe


Anonymous said...

dear madam,
I love english but I am weak in speaking in front of people.I lost my words and become nervous.Within this class,I can overcome my weaknesses by joining the activity and have fun.

Nurbaitee Mohd Fauzi

Anonymous said...

i like this class..
probably because of the lecture (MADAM RAHA) she's nice, she has a beautiful smile, she's pretty, hahaha, she's make the class enjoyable, make me interest to listhen.

I love the activities, i do like it.. seriously!
I know who am I.
I know what kind of presenter am I.
I can not make a sentence because of lack of vocabulary..
I want to say that word but i have no idea to says that particular word in english.
My elaboration not so good,
Today i learn how to be confident!
I know that i need to punch over my weight so that i can speak fluently like madam...


Anonymous said...

first of all, i want apologise because too late to post my comment about this session..
this is my third time posting this comment..i dont know why my comment always not sent..huhu..
mmm..about the activity that we have is 30 second talk, i got more comment from my group's members..a good and bad comment..but i accept it because i know my weakness..
however, from their comment..i try to improve myself..hehehe..
i think that's just try post this comment..i dont know whether it will sent or not..huhuu..
thanks to read my comment..


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum madam..
actually, i think that im already post in this comment, but when i check it again, it not sent yet..huhu
about presentation..
im always feel nervous when do the presentation especially in front the other people..i will lost my ideas and others..
but..from this class..
i learnt about to become more confident when stand in front of other people.
and i really like your class, because a lot of activities are do in class and make me feel enjoy to learn. thank you madam.


Anonymous said...


Madam, actually this the second time I comment on this topic because I already sent it before but when I check it back, it's missing...huhu

I'm not a good presenter because I cannot perform very well in front of the audience.I will feel very nervous and my hand is shaking.I don't think that I can face the audience well

nurul sazwana sulong

Anonymous said...

What kind of presenter am I?
Actually, I easy to get nervous. But i have try to overcome this condition with feel enjoy in my presentations. When do a presentation, i will try to give a good commitment and project my voice. As a result, I will get extra attention from audiences.


Anonymous said...

my comment is missing so i do it again,i'm bad presenter because i cannot attract all the audience to listen and understand my presentation. It make me sad.

A 14