Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final Project: Product Presentation

You have come near to the end of the course. For your final assessment, in your group of 4 or 5, unanimously choose ONE product to present on - preferably it's a product that is related to your field of study. Once you have all decided on your product, decide what each member should present on. Decide also which organization you'd like to have, e.g. spatial or chronological.

Remember, it's only a 3-5 minute presentation per group member. So, please do not choose an object so complex that there is not enough time to present it. (Also, there'll be a Q&A session after the presentation.)Once the product's decided, each member should prepare and write out a written report for submission from 15 - 19 September 2008 (depending on your lecturer). Although it is an individual assignment, the group leader should collect all the written assignments from each group member to be submitted as ONE.

In your group (if you have 4 members)*, let:
(1) student #1 write and present the INTRODUCTION,
(2) student #2 write and present the MAIN PART #1 and ITS MINOR PARTS (if any),
(3) student #3 write and present the MAIN PART #2 and ITS MINOR PARTS (if any), and
(4) student # 4 write and present the CONCLUSION (how product works etc. Please refer to your module).
*if you have 5 members,(4) student #4 write and present the MAIN PART #3 and ITS MINOR PARTS (if any), and(5) student #5 write and present the CONCLUSION.or in extreme cases, 6 members,(5) student #5 write and present the MAIN PART #4 and ITS MINOR PARTS (if any), and(6) student #6 write and present the CONCLUSION.
This will be returned to you the week after. Then as a group, compile all the information and produce a pamphlet of the product to be submitted on the presentation day (1 pamphlet per group)All sections must have graphics that accompany the explanation (in the written report and pamphlet) and slides that go with the oral presentation (product presentation).



MOHD AZIZI ALIAS - PB08012 said...

~Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone~

Our group will present a special product..

Just wait and see guys..

Anonymous said...

we have made search on our product during the Hari Raya is a secret(for now).it is not much but we definately hope it to be enough.we'll start deviding our parts today.hope that our group will be on of the best group on the presentation day.hehehe.


MOHD AZIZI ALIAS - PB08012 said...
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Anonymous said...

hye...happy hari raya....

for my group presentation,i think i will do the best.but i feel very shock because my group is the firt group to present next week....
but i hope all of you will wait and see what we want to present..
that's all

nurlina auni

Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum wbt..

Last week my member and i was present our product exhibition. That morning with the spirit that we have, we done successfully our presentation. So far, i really satisfactory with my member group, thanks to them and also Madam Raha my beloved lecturer for this subject.

Nurrahma Hj. Romainor (PB08055)

MOHD AZIZI ALIAS - PB08012 said...

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Fuh, finally our presentation is done..

So so fun to do the presentation with my members who give all the comitment. Thanks guy, now this what we call a manager..

Hope we will get highest in the presentation..

gibtz said...

me and my team have do researh about what product we want to present and we choose a bicycle. then during the holiday we have do a researh about the main parts in our produck.This product(bicycle) is Quiet interesting and easy to identify the main parts so it is our oppurtunity to be the best presenter .


ayu_adik88 said...

hello everybody.. my final project it's about.. excavator.. i'm will present about the bottom roller.. hoho..

ayu_adik88 said...

my presentation finish already... i'm very happy now.. i hope my group can get full mark.. hoho

Anonymous said...

Hmm,my project also finish.My project was about a faucet,Automatic faucet. I hope for this presentation,my group get the highest mark ;).

Muhd. Syafiq Bin Sabtu

Anonymous said...

for the final project, our group had decide to choose automatic faucet. this product has its advantages such as saving water and money. actually, i was quite excited to explain my part and at the same time feel like a butterfly in my's normal.. thank you everyone...


Anonymous said...

Our group had decided to present about automatic faucet for our group presentation.May be some people not so familiar with this faucet.So,we want to introduce this faucet.I will present introduction part.

m c y a

Anonymous said...

We have done our presentation happily.

My group chosed to present about the one in a million automatic faucet. It is rarely found in everywhere so we decide to introduce this product during our exhibition. I had presented the one of the main body of this product which is infrared sensor.

We have did our best for our pesentation and enjoy it.